Used Car Guide

There are many benefits of purchasing a used car. It can however, take a little more time and effort to research used cars that are for sale, rather than new cars.

You will need to ask yourself a few questions to make sure you are making the best possible choice of all the used cars that are available in the Newcastle Region. What is the right car for my needs? Apart from budget, although that is very important, there are lots of things to consider, including the type of car needed (sedan, Ute, hatchback, 4WD, sports car, people mover etc). What are you using the car for? Is it a work vehicle, family car, leisure vehicle or a second car?

Some other car features that might be on your list when buying a used car – aside from being low cost - include low fuel consumption, low kilometres, cheap to service and maintain, boot space for carrying goods like sports equipment or work gear. Is there a particular make or model that you are looking for?

Used car dealers in Newcastle can be a great place to start when looking at buying a second hand car. A dealership usually offers a lot of experience in buying and selling used cars, so can answer your questions, and help you know the steps if you are a first time second hand car buyer.

Other advantages of buying from a used car dealership are that usually safety checks, warranties and all other vehicle registration checks are carried out for you before you buy the vehicle, which provides some peace of mind in buying a second hand car.

There are always lots of second hand cars for sale, so make it easier by knowing what you’re looking for early on in the piece; it will make shopping for a used car so much easier!